Speaker Presentations

Varroa Destructor Feeds on Bee Blood and Two Other Alternative Facts – Dr Sammy Ramesy

The Biology of Mating – Dr Juliana Rangel Posada

New Zealand Wine Industry – Chris Yorke

Monitoring Varroa Infestations; Washes and Sticky Boards, What Does it Mean? – Sarah Cross

Susceptibility of Manuka and other Myrtaceae associated with honey production to myrtle rust – Beccy Ganley

The effects of chlorpyrifos-based sprays on honey bees in Central Otago – Sue Michelsen-Heath

From Soil to Solution – Dannielle Kok and Joanne Turnball

Beekeepers growing  bumble bees: a step towards a new model of pollination service provision – David Pattemore

Management of Giant Willow Aphid in New Zealand: An update on the concluding Sustainable Farming Project – Stephanie Sopow

A DNA sequencing method for determining the floral origin of honey – Joshua Gilligan

Understanding bee behaviour – Kyle Atkinson

Host-mediated differences in quantity and chemical composition of honeydew of the giant willow aphid – Trevor Jones & Kyaw Min Tun

Pollination of Cherries in Central Otago – Max Burton

AFB Pest Management Plan Surveillance and Enforcement – Marco Gonzalez

Dogs in AFB Detection in New Zealand – Rene Gloor

Emerging Technologies in AFB Detection – John Mackay

AFB Pest Management Plan Challenges and Constraints – Clifton King

The AFB Controversy Q & A

Could we breed a better bee? – Dr Peter Dearden

What’s going on with the honey market? – Sean Goodwin

Plantation Manuka – an option for beekeepers and landowners? – Stephen Lee

Labeling your honey – Paul Dansted

Tropilaelaps -A Fate Worse Than Varroa – Dr Sammy Ramsey

Factors that affect the reproductive quality of honey bee Queens and Drones – Juliana Rangel Posada

Science Update: Joint Industry/MPI Mānuka Honey Science Steering Group – Claire McDonald

MPI Update – Paul Dansted

Protecting the term Manuka Honey – John Rawcliffe

Small Hive Beetle – future risks to New Zealand’s apiculture industry – Dr Ashley Mortensen

Organic management of Bees and the delicious results, organic honey – Alisha Taff

Understanding Tree Biology – Linda Newstrom-Lloyd

Honey bee viruses and emerging pathogens – John Mackay, Richard Hall & Hayley Pragert