ApiNZ 2019 Awards

The Roy Paterson Trophy

Sponsored by: Pharmapac

The Roy Paterson Trophy which acknowledges the best innovative idea, invention or technology in beekeeping was awarded to Veritaxa and Analytica Laboratories
for their Classifynder system.  This system uses robotics, image processing and neural network technology to count and classify microscopic objects like pollen grains.

web Roy Paterson Award

ApiNZ Unsung Hero Award – The Buzziest Bee

Sponsored by: Manuka Doctor Limited

The Unsung Hero Award, also known as ‘The Buzziest Bee’, went to Stuart Fraser of Natural Sugars to acknowledge his tireless work for the
NZ Apprenticeship in Apiculture scheme.

web Buzziest Bee

The Peter Molan Award

Sponsored by: Oha Honey Ltd

The ApiNZ Peter Molan Award for Excellence in Apiculture Science was won by Pike Stahlmann-Brown of Landcare Research who has been dedicated in his
commitment to industry research including the NZ Colony Loss Survey.

ApiNZ Sustainability Best Practice Award